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Snapple Campaign - "Uncap Originality"

As members of the American Advertising Federation, we participated in the National Student Advertising Competition representing Ball State University. We competed against schools from across the country, our "Uncap Originality" campaign, comprised of our slogan, billboards, print ads, commercials, and marketing strategy (including market locations, media scheduling, and event marketing), won first place overall and was praised by Snapple executives and other marketing pioneers. Below is our commercial.

Who Are We? Good question! At Grissom & Clapp Creative, we specialize in media and marketing solutions. We are professionally experienced in developing marketing strategies, commercial/video production, branding, and logo, ad, and social media design work. Our team is full of creative, divergent thinkers who will always find the best solution, even if it's not the most obvious one. We specialize in going above and beyond and defying expectations. With degrees in Telecommunications, Advertising, Marketing, Screen Writing, and Visual Communications, our close-knit, personable team is more than ready to collaborate and execute on any task at hand. Without further ado, let's meet the lovely team!

Dustin Grissom

Founder, Director


Brandon Clapp


Video Specialist


Nick Proctor

Design Lead


Jared Anderson

Video Specialist


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