Hello, I'm Dustin!


Spending many of my younger years in the top 2 most "midwestern" states you can think of, Indiana and Iowa, it was certainly a fun experience and challenge getting to work on the creative passions of mine that typically aren't the buzz around this beautiful area of the world. What are these passions? Well, you can see them above! Film, video, design, marketing, and really, any creative project.


I pride myself on creativity and strive to always deliver an end product that surprises, exceeds, and executes the original plans and expectations. I consider myself a creative mind, and I work to hone this skill by creating short films, working on my Youtube videos (with over 750,000 total views) on the side, creating advertising campaigns and commercials for national competitions with on campus organizations, designing ads for local businesses, writing screenplays, and continuing to work diligently and creatively on my range of passions.


On the job, I am a leader. Directing projects and working with people on

achieving our vision or finding the right path is a welcome challenge that I

look forward to accomplishing at every opportunity. I'm a very social and

personable person that looks to get along with and gain the respect of

everyone I come to meet. Making connections is very important to me on a

business and personal level.


If you want something done, I'm your guy. The

path often traveled or the most obvious

solution isn't always the best, and I'm here to

help come up with that next big idea, or

execute on the great one you already have.


Let's talk!